Thursday, August 18, 2011

Automobile in my view

People have desires of different kind. This is one of a desire that makes more comfortable world.  Steam engine is considered as the first Fist successful engine ever made (1690). That was one of a turning point in the automobile history. But it takes another 195 years to make the first successful car, which was developed by famous German inventor called Karl Benz (The man who founded the Mercedes-Benz Company). That was just a car that has 3 wheels and a kind of a petrol engine. Maximum speed of the fist car was just 16km/h, but today it is multiplied by several hundreds. But that was the start of all the automobile products and invents. The industrial revolution makes so much advanced technologies now a day automobile is one of a huge industry in the world. 

The car called Bugatti Veyron Super sport is the fastest road legal car that has ever made. That has the speed of 267.85mph (432.07kmph). That is a marvelous speed on the road. Being the fastest road speeder is not much easy task. The Bugatti veyron (253.52 mph) early model was the fastest road speeder, but after the united state car called SSC Ultimate Aero (261 mph) breaks that record. Then again Bugatti made their second version called Bugatti veyron super sport. So now again it is the fastest. That is one side of the automobile industry.

Consider about the comfort that is another really important and valuable field in the automobile industry. Consider about the luxury and condition of the cars Rolls Royce is considered as one of a most luxurious car. That is a brand in united state. 

Another attractive field of the automobile industry is land speeders. That is somewhat unbelievable technologies and most marvelous area. Can anyone guess a speed of 6,453 mph (10324.8kmph) or 8.5 Mach. But that came true in New Mexico's Tularosa Basin as a test. That is the land speed record of the rail vehicle in the world. 

In my view of the automobile it is a really interesting field and everyday updating field in the world. Here I am described only a small amount about the technology. This blog is all about the automobile and how it works. We will meet again with the knowledge of several automobile technologies. This is first article because of that this isn’t a specific one, but to make some interest.

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