Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

The fastest legal road speed vehicle ever made. Consider about the history of fastest legal road vehicles Bugatti kept its name on several places. The Bugatti Veyron Super sport is the latest model of Bugatti Veyron. The speed record of former version (Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4 (253 mph)) is broken by the cars called SSC Ultimate Aero (257 mph) and Koenigsegg Agera R (260 mph). Anyhow Bugatti makes Super sport model and get the 1st place again. 

Bugatti Veyron is designed by Volkswagen Group, One of a famous and expert automobile company in the Europe and it is made by the Bugatti Automobile SAS in France. Anyhow Bugatti makes changes in the automobile field. Not only the fastest it is the most expensive car ever made of $2,400,000 worth. No any cars worth than this. Veyron has its own body shape that always keeps their identity. The half oval shaped shell says the proud name of the Bugatti. The W16 engine, which makes 1200hp, is in the back side of the car and it makes so powerful look and feel. The name Bugatti Veyron is came from the giants in the automobile industry Bugatti is from the Ettore Bugatti who had founded the Italian Bugatti (1909) automobile company, which makes super cars with outstanding performance and Pierre Veyron a remarkable France race driver who won the 1939 Le Mans 24 hour race driving by using the Bugatti made super car.  The combination of the inventor of Bugatti and the historical race driver’s name makes the new name for this outstanding car. Veyron Super Sport has its own color combination of its body. The real black exterior is colored by using orange color body kit. Orange color makes alloy wheel to new look and feel. Michelin tires and the carbon fiber body is specially design to hold the stability at the speed of 267mph. 

  •  Maximum speed    : 267 .9 mph
  •  Engine                  : 8.0 W 16 cylinder 64 v DOHC engine quad turbocharger
  •  Displacement        : 7993 cc
  •  Power                   : 1200Hp
  •  Torque                  : 1106lb-ft
  •  Max Rpm              : 6400 RPM
  •  Transmission         : 7 speed dual clutch direct shift auto
  •  0-60mph               : 2.4 second
  •  0-100mph             : 5.0 second
  •  Length                  : 175.7 inches(446 cm)
  •  Width                   : 78.7 inches (199.8 cm)
  •  Height                  : 47.4 inches (120 cm)
  •  Wheel base          : 106.7 inches (271cm)
  •  Ground clearance  : 4.9 inches (12.5cm)
  •  Curb weight          : 4486 lbs (2035 kg)

The engine of the Bugatti Veyron is 16 cylinder quad turbocharged gasoline engine which makes 1200 hp. That has 4 valves in one cylinder and for the whole engine it has 64 valves. It is fed by four bi-turbo chargers.  It has a fully automatic electronically controlled dual clutch, 7 speed transmission unit which makes so soft and so powerful drive to the vehicle. 3 units of radiators make the cooling function to the whole engine and to the intercooler systems. That is so functional and specially designed unit. Michelin makes special y designed tires to meet the speed of 267.9 mph and it costs $36,000.00 to change one tire set.  And the break is made-up with specially reinforced silicon carbide composite disk which makes so sophisticated braking power.

Bugatti is the car of the decade that makes so advanced driving and so powered acceleration on the road. It is really a car that takes the eye of all kind of people. It is really a eye-catching vehicle that makes so proud on the owners mind. 

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