Monday, August 22, 2011

Hybrid vehicles

What is called hybrid?

Consider about the simple definition Hybrid is a technology that can use two or more power sources with synchronized way to generate the power. For example a moped is a kind of a hybrid vehicle. Because it uses engine power as well as man power. Likewise hybrids use two or more power sources to gain the maximum efficiency at the driving. Today it is become a fashion to have a hybrid car. This is about brief description of how hybrid works. Today all most all of the hybrid cars are developed using gasoline and electric power sources. Synchronization of those power sources makes good efficient product. 

When driving a vehicle there are several driving states are happening. Basically those are as follow
  1. Start the engine and not to start driving
  2. Start driving with the acceleration
  3. Driving with constant speed on a low land
  4. Driving with deceleration
  5.  Driving on the highland
  6.  Stop driving but not the engine
  7.  Break suddenly in any driving state.

As you know when the condition is changed the fuel consumption is totally different. That’s why in the carburetor it designed with 4 different fuel supplying capabilities and in the EFI or GDI it designed with several combinations of mixing and fuel injection for those different driving states. In normal vehicle when the engine is started and not driving (engine idle state) it burns the fuel but nothing is doing. That really makes fuel wasting. If we can charge a battery by using that energy, then it is a gain and a kind of power saving. And when driver breaks the vehicle it wastes more energy by converting the kinetic energy to heat. When driving on the city most of the time engine is starting and no movement because of the traffic signals. When it happens energy is wasting and no use can be gain from that. If a vehicle can manage the energy well and good manner by considering all those states then it makes more efficient vehicle. All the hybrids are doing that thing in several ways and several levels of success. If that management is fully success then it is called real economy vehicle. 

 The main parts of the hybrid vehicle

In the hybrid vehicles there are several states of running. When the vehicle is start it is not start the engine. It is in a ready state to drive. When the driver removes his leg on brake pads and adds press on the accelerator paddle then vehicle starts to run by using the power gained by the batteries. But if the driver needs more acceleration and then engine automatically stars and power up the vehicle. Those processes can save more fuel by considering other vehicles. When the vehicle breaks then its breaking system will not waste the energy as heat, but it is converted to electricity by using special generator. When vehicle is stopped in the traffic signal its engine is not up and run but vehicle is in a ready state. When the driver needs to run the vehicle it is automatically change to run state from the ready state. When the vehicle is in deceleration or going down the mountain kind of a state it charges the batteries by using generator. 

So hybrid always run with advanced intelligent power management system. Toyota called this Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD), it is so advanced technology. Honda called this Integrated Motor Assistant (IMA) it is also most likely to HSD but there are several differences are there. Nissan also use Toyota hybrid system. Likewise different companies call it different names. 

Toyota prius 2010 version

Advantages in hybrids
  1.   More fuel efficient and have good mileage.(it can run about double than other cars)
  2.   More comfortable and have a sophisticated driving power
  3.   Less sound emission because engine is fully optimized
  4.   Less gas emission and because of that it makes less pollution
  5.   It is a help to green concept of the world
  6.   So advanced technologies are added to the vehicle and it makes happy driving

 Honda Insight

Disadvantages in hybrids

  1.    Batteries and spare parts are so expensive.
  2.    Batteries should be changed time to time.
  3.    So advanced technologies makes troubles sometimes.
  4.   Driver losses his manual control over the vehicle(powerful pickups drive with chosen gear kind of)
  5.   Need high technological people to repair the vehicle.
  6.   Power lines carry high voltage when in the accidents it may cause problems.

Most popular hybrid cars

  •        Toyota prius (51MPG (City), 55MPG (combined))
  •        Toyota Highlander (27MPG (City), 30MPG (combined))
  •        Toyota Camry Hybrid (40MPG (City), 38MPG (combined))
  •        Toyota Crown
  •        Lexus HS 250h
  •        Lexus RX 400h
  •        Lexus GS 450h
  •        Toyota Estima
  •       Mazda Demio
  •     Cadillac Escalade
  •     Chevrolet Tahoe
  •    Chevrolet Silverado
  •    GMC Sierra
  •    GMC Yukon
  •     BMW X6 ActiveHybrid
  •     Honda civic Hybrid (44MPG (City), 44MPG (combined))
  •     Honda Insight (40MPG (City), 38MPG (combined))
  •     Honda Accord Hybrid
  •     Ford Escape Hybrid
  •     Hyundai Elantra LPI Hybrid

Anyhow Hybrid systems are more advanced technologies and it can help a green world.

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