Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hybrid Synergy Drive

Hybrid Synergy Drive is a most advanced technology of developing hybrid cars. The owner of the technology is Toyota Automobiles. The key technology of hybrid synergy drive is planetary gear. With the planetary gear Hybrid synergy drive technology is developed. But it has other highly intelligent driving technologies also. It has a computer that control engine rpm motors generators and all the units in the hybrid synergy drive.  The main task to do in hybrid system is to synchronize 4 units.
  1.   Gasoline Engine 
  2.   Electric Motor/ Generator (MG1)
  3.   Electric Motor/ Generator(MG2
  4. Axel for the wheel drive.

    To join all those parts it is needed to having a planetary gear system. In the planetary gear system there are 3 main units.
    • Sun Gear
    Sun Gear is the middle gear of planetary system. When the sun gear is drive it can drive planet carrier or ring gear or both planet carrier and ring gear. So there are 3 possible outcomes when drive the sun gear. In the below of the article I will explain the advantage of this 3 possible movements.
    • Planet Carrier
    Planet carrier is the middle gear set of the planetary gear system. When planet carrier drives it also has 3 possible outcomes. Those are, Drive the sun gear or Drive the ring gear or drive both sun gear and ring gear. All those Possibilities have special advantages for the Hybrid synergy drive.
    • Ring Gear
    This is the outer gear of the planetary gear system. When this gear drives it also has 3 possible outcomes. Those are Drive planetary carrier or drive sun gear or drive both sun gear and planetary carrier.
    But there is a way to drive all those gears. All the 3 gears are in one assembled unit. So those gears cannot drive as it needed. Gears should drive with the synchronized way. However there are only 4 possible ways to drive the gears. 

    • Sun gear and Planetary carrier
    • Sun gear and Ring gear
    • Ring gear and planetary carrier
    • All three gears.

    In the Hybrid Synergy drive system all those units are combined with the advanced manner. In the planetary gear system itself connected as follow

    • Internal combustion engine (ICE)– Planetary carrier
    • Electric Motor/Generator  MG1 – Sun Gear
    • Electric Motor/Generator MG2 and driving wheel – Ring Gear

    This planetary system is called as Power Splitting Device in the Hybrid Synergy Drive. Than that this unit it has 

    • High Voltage battery case and wiring
    • Ac/Dc Converter
    • Hybrid Synergy Drive Control unit

    In the hybrid synergy drive it has several phases of driving. Here is the description of those states.
    ·         Ready mode – ICE is not started MG1 is not started. But in the ready mode ICE and MG1 also can start. In that case ICE generates the power and MG1 start to generate the electricity and charge the batteries.

    • Engine Start – In the ready mode or when in the driving engine can be started. It is happen by MG1 act as a motor and start the engine. In the hybrid synergy drive engine starting also done by the MG1 not a standard starter motor.
    •  Run Low gear - In this state engine runs with the speed but toque is not sufficient to move then MG1 act as a generator and it powers to the MG2 when the toque is enough vehicle start to run.
    • Runs High Gear – In this state Engine is up and run the toque is enough but the speed is not. Then The MG2 acts as a motor and speedup the vehicle. If this speed is also not enough then MG1 is also acts as a motor and then speedup the vehicle.
    •  Silent mode (Stealth mode) – In this mode Engine is fully stopped and Batteries supply power to MG2 to run the vehicle and MG1 is decoupled and allow to run freely. In this mode no any sound is emitting and vehicle can drive even without gasoline.
    • Reversing – In this gear system it hasn’t a reverse gear as well as conventional gear box but it powers the MG2 to negative voltage to reverse the engine and allow MG1 to free. But if the power is not enough to reverse the vehicle then it powers to MG1 and then it can reverse. If the battery is not enough to power all those then engine starts and MG1 generate the power as a generator and vehicle starts to drive to the reverse side.
    • Neutral – When the vehicle needs to state in neutral then it is decouple the MG1 and then wheels can move freely.
    • Regenerating Breaks – In this state when the driver breaks Engine cut the power and it is started to generate the power by MG2 as acting a generator. That is how it regenerates the power by using the deceleration.
    • Engine Break – In this state MG2 cut of the generating power because it will overcharge the battery (This state is happen only when the battery is fully charged) and then engine reduce the speed of the vehicle. When a engine drive with closed valves it can harm the energy reduce the speed of the vehicle.
    • Battery Charging – This can be happen when in the engine is run and but vehicle is in not moving state. 

      Those are the different states of running in Hybrid Synergy Drive. That is the hybrid technology invented by Toyota Automobiles.   

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