Monday, November 7, 2011

The most Powerful Diesel engine

In the history of automobile technology people invented number of miracles which were very important to human activities. In the field of engine, it is really a vast area which is full of advanced and high-tech inventories. Among those there are several advanced designs; The Wärtsilä-Sulzer RTA96-C is considered as the most powerful diesel engine ever builds.  Basically the engine is turbo charged two stock diesel engines which contains 6 to 14 cylinders. The engine is designed for huge container carriers (ships).


Technical details:

Engine type:                       turbocharged two-stroke diesel straight engine, 6 to 14 cylinders
Cylinder bore:                     960 mm
Piston stroke:                      2500 mm
Engine displacement:           1820 litres per cylinder
Engine speed:                      92–102 revolutions per minute
Engine length:                     89 feet
Engine Height:                    44 feet
Torque:                              7,603,850 newton metres@ 102 rpm
Mean effective pressure:     1.96 MPa@full load, 1.37 MPa@maximum efficiency (85% loads)
Mean piston speed:             8.5 metre per second
Specific fuel consumption:  171 g/(kW·h) (126 g/(bhp·h), approx. 3.80 litres per second) @ full load
Power:                              up to 5720 kW per cylinder
Power density:                   29.6 to 34.8 kW per tonne, 2300 tonnes for the 14 cylinder version
Amount of fuel injected in a single cycle of single piston: ~160 g (about 6.5 ounces) @ full load
Crankshaft weight:             300 tons

The usage of the engine is for huge container ships which needed high power single engines. The engine is available with 6 to 14 cylinders as the user needs. There are specially designed oil pumps and injectors for keep the engine cooled. It was a new design that is not usually using in the industry.

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