Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Google self-driven car

In the field of automobile industry this is one of a giant invention which was considered as a task that can never be able to achieve. The experiment is done by Google which is never heard in automobile field. The experiment was a secret in the past but now it is well-known project which is among number of success projects done by Google. Toyota prius is the vehicle which is used in the experiment.  This is one of a brilliant intelligent system developed in the world history.  Unfortunately it was faced to the first accident in few days ago, but actually it was happened due to the fault of the other driver who is involved in the crash.  But before that it has driven more than 160,000 miles without an accident, for this distance they used several different types of roads like highways, busy (city) streets, mountainous roads. It is really excellent achievement. Anyhow this post is for describe the technology of the car. 

Google Autonomous prious

The major difficulties in the project are to get the idea of the distance of the obstacles and understand all those obstacles to avoid accident and drive very carefully. When driving in the real environment it is huge challenge, considered to the specially designed environment.  Because there are number of moving obstacles in several distance with several speeds. The challenge is to collect all those detail and synchronize with those details (obstacles). Google autonomous car is designed to overcome those problems. For that is has several sensors and algorithms. 

Sensor system of the car

  • Laser range finder
This is mounted in the roof of the car and using this laser ranger car understands the range of the obstacles in the road which the vehicle is driven in. This range finder uses laser rays to create obstacle map in every single location and get the idea of all the moving and stable obstacles in the current path. As Google engineer Chris Urmson said it is the heart of the vehicle and by processing all those details taken from the laser range finder.

  • Four radars
These radars are mounted in the front and rear bumpers of the car. These radars help to get the idea about quickly and instantly moving objects which is very important in the driving. So using this car can get the idea about pedestrians and bicycles and all those quickly moving objects.  These radars are help to avoid the accidents happened due to quick moving.
  •  Video camera
This camera is mounted near the rear view camera, to detect all the traffic light signals. By using the camera it gets all the traffic light systems and understands the traffic lights which are suitable for the way vehicle is driven.
  •  GPS system
This is also mounted in the roof of the vehicle and, by using this GPS device vehicle understands the initial location of the vehicle. This is the most accurate way to understand the location of the vehicle.
  •  Position estimator
This is mounted in the rear wheel of the car and understands the movement of the car. This is a simple sensor that detects rotation of the wheel. This is very essential for breaking and determines the speed of the vehicle.

Anyhow Google achieve the great task in the automobile industry.  Before publicly (commercially) use the car there are many features to upgrade and added to ensure the safety and increase the efficiency. It is always consider about the security and efficiency, In junction even though light signal allow the vehicle to move forward and to turn any side if there are people crossing the road vehicle is waiting until the last person cross the road. The car is that much advanced. 

Finally it will become very advanced technology but there is an issue, even though it makes people to move without driving. It is in future people will lose their driving capabilities and it will reduce the adventure of driving. It is not a bullshit in future drivers will lose their jobs and people who enjoys from driving loss their fun.

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